Apno Ki Help


Apno Ki Help lets do together behalf of your own trust donate and help your self your own people share together if someone need help around you or closet to your family’s or friends lets help them quietly together we all can do at lest something with a DOLLAR HELP when its enough money lets any donor  can help . and any donor if want he can his self money to Pakistan who needs your help or if you trust with same account where money save send to Pakistan who you share just name or bank account or any other information with secret and after send money behalf of you i can share receipt as well!




you can contact with any person with any problem (if any question) who send you this link or directly to with email phone or whatsapp you can message for any question So do it Donate!

THIS IS full secure for make donation easy with your debit or credit card or paypal its easy and save this website not save any your card number or any other information after you complete donation you save to close this page or not but you save its under ssl certification so all data is protected 

(all payments accepting via pay-pal because its save but remember when you donate $1 receiving $.67 because paypal charge per transaction I AM REQUESTING YOU PLEASE DONATE AT-LEAST DOLLAR OR 2 SO HELPING PEOPLE THANKS